About Us

The red, white and blue striped barber pole that adorns the inside of Lydia's Barber Shop in the McKinley Plaza is a symbol of an age-old craft that hearkens back to simpler times. Lydia Serra, the shop's owner, combines that comfortable tradition with cutting-edge trends in barber shop services has been the key to keeping her business from going out of style. We don't rush, we take our time and take pride in our work, Our goal is to provide our clients with the best customer service and haircut to keep them coming back. We firmly believe barbers can offer their male customers more than just the traditional salon-style trim. Men can get haircuts from beauty shops, but regular shops don't offer the same services as a barber. Our customers come in and say 'give me the works, and the works is what they get. Here at Lydia's Barber Shop you can even get a relaxing hot towel shave with a straight razor.

Lydia Serra is no stranger to the barber business. She began cutting hair at several shops and throughout the next 31 years has honed her skills down to a science. She has owned and operated her shop since April 2012 and says that classic neighborhood barbershops are no longer a thing of the past. The old-style barbershops are making a comeback; people miss the old style of doing men's hair cutting,  I'm now proud to have my own shop and am working hard daily to make it a success.
More men are choosing to go to barbershops because of the atmosphere and the specialized services available to them. Men are wanting a place to "call their own", where they can go and get spruced up for "special occasions and events such as Father's Day, birthdays and anniversaries." Thus, this shop is not, in any way. shape or form, a salon. In our advertising., we never mention the word hair-styling, Simply put, we're a real, full-service, men's barber shop. Men care about their appearance, she emphasized, but they want different services from those provided by unisex salons, which are the shop's primary competition. In addition to haircuts, Everybody on our team is meticulous and each is a perfectionist, which are good traits to have when you're a barber.
We get consistent feedback from our customers that there was a need for a full-service barber shop, With its staff of three barbers, Lydia's offers clients haircuts of every description and for all ages, including traditional styles, fades, hot towel shaves and straight-edging trims, along with flattops. military and law enforcement cuts. There's fresh coffee on conversations galore. We are reasonably priced and offer Wednesday specials, as well," she stated. My only goal is to serve each of my customers in the finest way possible. They deserve no less.

Lydia's Barber Shop is in the McKinley Plaza at 100 McKinley Ave. in Manahawkin.
Walk-ins welcomed. Telephone 609-978-4247.